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Steel- and Metallconstructions

We are certified DIN 18800/7 and ISO Norm 9001

Our Services

We are certified to EN 1090, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Our products range from general steel construction to industrial and commercial buildings.

We participate in numerous constructions and renovation work for industrial and commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers and other institutions.

We offer our customers our expertise, reliable thorough our technical competence and guaranteed highest quality, in design, manufacturing and supply to the final assembly, backed by our professional construction management.

Our technical products include:

Steel construction

  • Production of compete steel structures, individual special designs.

Steel Manufacture

  • Manufacturing of stairs, railings and balconies, stainless steel hand railing and stairs, open grillage gratings, Catwalks, technical centers with sub-structures and enclosures, basement walls, crash barrier protection and equipment for shopping centers.

Industrial production and storage industry

  • Maintenance, storage and platforms, grandstands and theatre stage constructions.
  • We have in the area of steelwork a capacity of approximately 100 tons per month.

In Steel construction we have a higher capacity of approximately 350-400 tons per month.